Custom Orders


Welcome to The Sage Necklace. A small gift from me to the world.

Sage Necklaces are handmade and created by me personally, and yours truly, Adrian Moon.

Each piece is set to be made unique. In fact, they have no choice but to be unique. From piece to piece.

But with custom orders - dedicated and made specific for YOU - take on a whole different level and meaning - Specifically for you or you and your Significants. The way these Sage Necklaces were made and intended - for You.

Personalized them here to meet your style, needs, creativity and imagination.



Here is a form to begin creating your sage piece. All I need is a few details to begin and will be in contact via email, phone or text.

Things to Consider


1. All Sage Necklaces take up 2 weeks to make. JUST ONE. Your Patience is required!

2. You can request and mix ANY COLORS. However, in my opinion, 2-3 colors are ideal. More colors = More resources = More cost

3. Colors should be complimentary, or monochromatic, meaning that colors that go well together, should go well together. I will be sure to walk you through each step to ensure I get the exact colors, pendants, vibe you're looking for.

4. Sage Necklaces make perfect gifts, and can also be used for ceremonial purposes - Example: You can burn 2 at your wedding & keep them forever to remember. Get the option to get them gift wrapped if you wish!

5. Get 20% OFF your custom order when you share and tag our website!