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Paul Adrian Moon

Mushroom Witch - V-Neck T-Shirt - FREE SHIPPING ☾

Mushroom Witch - V-Neck T-Shirt - FREE SHIPPING ☾

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Mushroom Witch

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A Spell of Protection:

"In earthen jar, I trap the day's last light, Mushroom charm to shield me through the night. Whispered wish, on feathery moonbeam borne, No harm shall touch me, till the sun is born.

Root and stone, their strength I call upon, Whispers weave a web, till darkness is gone. Jar of dreams, with lid of starry sky, Mushroom's magic, lullaby.

Sleep now deep, in moonlit grove's embrace, Guarded whispers, in this hallowed space. Jar and mushroom, guardians of my rest, Safe within their circle, I am blessed.

Let shadows dance, and fears dissolve in dew, Mushroom's peace, my slumber to imbue. Jar of wishes, whispered soft and low, Protected heart, where only starlight goes.


So rest and dream, beneath the watchful night, Till morning's kiss dispels the fading light. Jar and mushroom, sentinels so true, Zen's embrace, till dawn paints skies anew."

- The Mushroom Jar

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