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Paul Adrian Moon

Red Quartz | for Grounding, Clarity, Protection | Sage Necklace

Red Quartz | for Grounding, Clarity, Protection | Sage Necklace

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Red Quartz

Grounding and Clarity, Clearing & Protecting

Stone is pure and raw clear quartz
Wire used is weathered copper coated wire. Colors are dark maroon red underneath with a textured sparkle deep red on top (2 color strings).

Intention on this piece:
for grounding, clarity, clearing, protected attracting (so you attract the Right things)

- The color red is used throughout many cultures and religions and is mostly known as protecting, attracting and very grounding. In Hindi, the color red is associated with the root chakra, the muladhara, which is of saftey and security.
- Crystal quartz is known to further promote healing, spiritual growth, mental clarity & helps align all other chakras and is known to amplify other stones. It is clear and energy enhancing stone.

Overall, if you're looking for grounded clarity, clear mental focus and as a protective enhancement to carry, this piece is for you.

🔥 Burn when the time is right.
yes, 100% burnable mini sages

All necklaces take up to 2-3 weeks to make from scratch, from forage to neck piece - each piece is made with 100% real sage and 100% real love, each with a varying intention, colors, vibe & style. All made by the artist himself, yours truly, Paul Adrian Moon. Much love.

Some use them as necklace pieces to enhance energy, luck or meaning, others use them as rear view hangers in their car for ambiance and charm, and others as a mini sage bundle to carry, burn and smudge as they need.

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