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Paul Adrian Moon

The Baby Blue Buddha ॐ

The Baby Blue Buddha ॐ

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The Baby Blue Buddha ॐ

The Sage Necklace - Pendant & Necklace Piece


I made this piece early August 2023, a pink moon inspired necklace.

Using sparkle baby blue on top with a nice light blue color underneath.

But what is the meaning and symbolism behind the buddha?

We all know of the Buddha. With all that you know about the buddha, the buddha has become a symbol but not only to the spiritual and to the religious.

The Buddha is a symbol of presence, a reminder to Be Here, in this present ever changing moment. When the buddha's facial expression changes, the pitch changes in vibration. 

If he is smiling, it accentuates joy into your life.

If he is in meditation and calm, he represents calm and inner peace.

If he his hands are doing something specific like a mudra, depending on what he's doing also holds not only a "meaning" but also resonates a certain pitch in vibration.



Light/Baby Blues

Wrapping Strings:
Sparkle Baby Blue (On Top)
Light Blue (Underneath)



2.9in long
.3in thick

.3in wide

Silver Sitting Smiling Buddha

Who is this for?:
Anyone - Uni

Ships FREE anywhere in the USA (world wide shipping soon on website. for now, message me personally and I will manually ship anywhere in the world) Ships within 1-2 days - Arrives within 5-7 biz days


🌿  100% REAL White Sage
🌿  100% Foraged and Respected 
🌿  100% Made with Love

🔥  and yes, 100% Burnable when the time is right.


Care for them, and they will care for you <3
Sage Necklaces at this stage can still be Fragile.

If I could recommend from past customers/clients- they say these make perfect gifts, as good luck charms similar to crystals, rearview mirror hanging, for magic, prayer or meditation.

Burn when the time right.

***These can be fragile and delicate. Take off when going into water, sleeping or extremely high active activities***

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