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Paul Adrian Moon

UFO Hieroglyphics

UFO Hieroglyphics

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UFO Hieroglyphics 🛸

I made this piece on August 15th 2023 and this pendant had an interesting touch on the this recent piece.

Using darker reds with a nice autumn orange colors.

This Sage Necklace has an “Ancient” Vibe, if you know what I mean

But what is the meaning and symbolism behind a “UFO”?

To me, UFO’s represent the highest form of intelligence in the world as we know it. Where else in the galaxy do you find any life “smarter” than humans? Space. The universe itself in other places.

Aliens of course. Aliens are known for advanced technology, deep intuition and peace amongst worlds [Rick and Morty ref.]

UFO’s represent intelligence, wisdom, advancements.
It represents letting go of the past and heading toward the future. In fact, it IS our future, as we are all advancing as a species here on earth.

To others- you may seem strange to them moving through your life in the way you do. Ufo's move in strange ways, but only to us it is strange - to them.. they're just Being.

A reminder that this life we have is only temporary. Fleeting.
Even the most brilliant and eldest of stars burn and die out. Eventually.

Let this necklace remind us to let go of our past and choose to advance in all that we do. and to move fluidly throughout our reality. To use our wisdom, our intellect and intuition to help guide us where we need to go.



Reds, Autumn Oranges

Wrapping Strings:
Sparkle Red (a Darker richer red/maroon)
Sparkle Autumn Orange (Rich Orange)


3in long
.5in thick

UFO with carved hieroglyphs

Who is this for?:
Anyone - Uni

Ships FREE anywhere in the USA (world wide shipping soon on website. for now, message me personally and I will manually ship anywhere in the world) Ships within 1-2 days - Arrives within 5-7 days


🌿  100% REAL White Sage
🌿  100% Foraged and Respected 
🌿  100% Made with Love

🔥  and yes, 100% Burnable when the time is right.


Care for them, and they will care for you <3
Sage Necklaces at this stage can still be Fragile.

If I could recommend from past customers/clients- they say these make perfect gifts, as good luck charms similar to crystals, rearview mirror hanging, for magic, prayer or meditation.

Burn when the time right.

***These can be fragile and delicate. Take off when going into water, sleeping or extremely high active activities***


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