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Paul Adrian Moon

Wise Crescent ☽

Wise Crescent ☽

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Wise Crescent - Purples 🌙

The Sage Necklace

I made this purple piece on August 15th 2023, If I remember correctly. Purple is my daughters favorite color, as well as one of my personal favorites.

Purple, like wisdom, is a bit more rare in this world than most others.
Purple, a symbol of wisdom, mystery and royalty. Of prosperity and abundance.
Purple also represents enlightenment or the third eye/crown chakra.

Purple is a mystery

But what is the meaning of The Crescent Moon?

The crescent moon holds different symbolic meanings depending on the religion or culture in which it is used.

But I’ve done some research over the years, despite varying beliefs between religions and faiths - there are a few very common similarities between all of them:

The Crescent and Moon in general represents Emotion.
It represents Wisdom. Femininity & Fertility.

Manifestation and cycles.

The moon is of a calm presents and reminds of still waters.

We must remain still and quiet, and the light shine upon us and we will reflect that light back onto the world.

Use this necklace in your prayers, in your meditation.
Walk with it, wear it, let it be a reminder, a symbol.

Of your own WISDOM, Mystery and Divinity.



Purples, Sparkly, Dark Deep Rich Purples

Wrapping Strings:
Sparkle Purple
Deep Dark Purple/Maroon underneath


2.5in long
.4in thick

Who is this for?:
Anyone - Uni - More Feminine

Ships FREE anywhere in the USA (world wide shipping soon on website. for now, message me personally and I will manually ship anywhere in the world) Ships within 1-2 days - Arrives within 5-7 days


🌿  100% REAL White Sage
🌿  100% Foraged and Respected 
🌿  100% Made with Love

🔥  and yes, 100% Burnable when the time is right.


Care for them, and they will care for you <3
Sage Necklaces at this stage can still be Fragile.


If I could recommend from past customers/clients- they say these make perfect gifts, as good luck charms similar to crystals, rearview mirror hanging, for magic, prayer or meditation.

Burn when the time right.

***These can be fragile and delicate. Take off when going into water, sleeping or extremely high active activities***




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